Family Business Australia Conference: Asia Pacific 2024 – Cairns

In its 24th year, the annual Family Business Conference stands as the flagship event within the family business sector. Family business members, academics, and family business advisors from across Asia Pacific come together to learn, network, and explore the opportunities presented during this robust and diverse three-day event.

The conference program features keynote presentations, panel sessions, facilitated interviews, workshops, and masterclasses. Please click here to watch a highlights video of the 2023 Family Business Conference.

General information about the event

The conference serves as a platform to empower our family business leaders with the insights they need to make informed decisions about the future. The program sessions are thoughtfully designed to inspire and equip leaders for a rapidly changing world while fostering success across generations. The central theme of the conference revolves around ‘Growth’ and ‘Harmony’ providing a strong foundation for our exploration of a wide array of topics.

These topics encompass key areas such as effective conversations and communications, the strategic transfer of ownership to non-family employees or managers, the pivotal role of family businesses in achieving sustainable development goals, strategies for preparing for external investors, the significance of board and governance, with an emphasis on appointing fellow family business owners as directors to guide decision-making, and gaining a deeper understanding of generational differences, among others.

Furthermore, the conference offers a unique opportunity to bring together family business members and advisors from multiple generations, not only from our region but from across the Asia Pacific.

It's a time for our members to catch up with old friends, and to forge new connections, ultimately fostering a sense of community within the family business network.